Software Development that makes sense

For over 13 years Suntek Solutions has been committed to providing Custom Software Solutions that can help grow and manage your business.

Dedication to the Team

We always work closely with our clients, ensuring transparency, communication, and priorities for the very best results.

Expertise based on motivation and experience

Best of class software is a fast moving target. We pride ourselves in continually learning and developing in todays latest technologies.

Our Services

Software Development

We provide software solutions for data driven businesses of any size. We focus on creating excellent user interfaces, while staying up to date with the coding practices to create long lasting web solutions.

Business Analysis

Sure, we write a lot of code, but we also bring along our own business intelligence and ideas to insure the best possible software solutions. Let us lead your grow your company's efficiency using technology to grow to its full potential.

Website Design

We strive to create visually appealing and user friendly web and software applications. Whether you are in need of a consumer facing website, or an internal tool for your employees, we are focused on optimizing the user experience and representing your business.

Ongoing Support

We know how important it is that production websites are up and running while still providing continual improvements and scheduled updates. Managing your live environments and providing support for your software is our number one priority.

Cloud Hosting

We integrate with and manage Azure and Amazon Web Services for cloud based and infinitly scalable environments. Hosting in the cloud eliminates any hardware dependencies and keeps your systems "out of sight" and with our help, "out of mind".


We understand the importance of having best in class, secure websites with redundant backup processes, as well as safe payment processing and PCI compliance when processing or storing critical consumer information. Using the latest security technologies and auditing tools helps ensure your security and peace of mind.

The Techy Stuff

  • Microsoft .NET

    Our team is very proficient with Microsoft Visual Studio, Team Foundation Services, and GitHub for software development and code management. The majority of our code is written in C# utilizing Microsoft's newest MVC framework, but we also have experience developing in VB.NET and older ASP and ASP.NET Webforms projects.

  • Microsoft SQL Server

    SQL Server is the most powerful tool in our data driven projects. We have custom code libraries and pre-built databases to jump start new websites as quickly as possible. We are also very familiar with data imports, backup and optimization routines, triggers and other important database administrative procedures.

  • Javascript/JQuery

    With newer web browser capabilities and required speed requirements, we have shifted to using client side programming as much as possible. With this in mind, we provide a lot of expertise in javascript and jquery as well as many of the newest available javascript libraries and tools.

  • Rapid Development

    Working in small teams and having pre-built website and database templates, as well as having an extremely efficient planning, coding, reviewing, and testing plans allows us to very quickly create usable websites to improve your business.

  • Amazon Web Services

    We utilize many of the capabilities available in Amazon Web Services' constantly growing feature set. Including but non limited to cloud hosting, file management, security and scalability.


    Our team is extremely knowledgeable in the newest HTML5 features and optimally written style sheets. Any new work begins with a very clean themeable bootstrap template.

  • Maintenance Plans

    After your website is in production, we work with you to provide cost effective, yet very safe plans and confidence that your software will always be maintained and reduce and eliminate any loss of money or productivity based on software.

  • Development Management

    We strive to keep 100% clarity with regularly scheduled meetings, outlined work and timelines with our clients. Upon billing, we also provide detailed notes and progress on any work completed.


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